40 Days For Life

What is 40 Days for Life?  It is a peaceful, prayerful, worldwide Christian vigil held outside of abortion clinics.  Basically, it calls us to pray (the rosary is a favorite) and fast for an end to abortion outside of abortion clinics and also to invite others to join us.  That’s it.  It runs for 40 days in the Fall and for 40 days in the Spring starting on Ash Wednesday.  We participate in an Assembly and Council outside of the Tempe Planned Parenthood Regional Center on Baseline Road just east of McClintock.

Is it effective to just stand there and pray?  Yes, the statistics speak for themselves.  Since the start of the 40 Days for Life campaign since launching in 2007, 14,375 babies have been saved, 172 abortions workers have quit, and 96 abortion centers have closed.

Why go there and pray?  There are several reasons, but chief among them is being a public witness to the horror of abortion.  That peaceful, prayerful vigil outside of abortion clinics demonstrates our utter reliance on prayer and God’s Providence.  But, it also lets people who go by know that there is an abortion clinic there and that there are people who oppose abortion who are committed to ending it.  And, our presence is also (when the clinic is open) the last sign of hope for women going in for abortions and a sign of mercy for women after abortions.

Why is it important for brother Knights to participate?  A key reason is because we are men.  Women feel safer going out when men are around rather than just standing there by themselves.  But, and equally, an important reason is because we are Knights.  It reinforces the commitment of the Knights of Columbus to protect the unborn — from the local Council to Supreme.  At a national level, the Knights are readily known to support the March for Life every year in DC, supporting the Sisters for Life, and buying ultrasounds for pregnancy centers (to highlight just a few).  At a local level, as Catholic men and Knights, we want to be able to also stand out as defenders of the unborn in our local parish and community.

How can I participate?  You can go out either by yourself (or with your spouse and/or friends) by signing up for hours at 40daysforlife.com/Tempe.  Brother Knights are already going out there.  If you would like to go with a brother, please contact cultureoflife@kofc9482.org.