What Is Stations Of The Cross?

Have you ever wondered what the fourteen images that are mounted around Catholic parishes? Those images are for the Stations of the Cross, also known as the “Way of the Cross”. Stations, as I will refer to it here, follows Jesus’ journey from Jerusalem to Mount Calvary.

Stations is a remainder for the Catholic faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage through contemplation of the Passion of Christ. It’s typical that at each station the faithful travels from image to image, in order. They stop at each station and say prayers and take a few moments to reflect on each step Jesus took during his Passion.

Stations of the Cross is a devotion that some Catholic’s do often year-round, but it’s most common during the Fridays of Lent leading up to Good Friday. This week, Friday, March 9, 2018, the Knights of Columbus will be hosting the Stations of the Cross following our Fish Fry at 7:00 pm. Our Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Color Corp will be leading the preseason and we’d like as many of our Brothers Knights to show up in their red council shirts. Participate in stations, you can be a reader, or just follow along with the responses.

Now that I’ve talked about what Stations of the Cross are and why we follow this devotion. I wanted to give you a personal perspective. I partake in Stations several times a year, especially at retreats and during Lent. I find that each station reminds me of Jesus suffering, and that reminds me of how much I’m loved. I’m loved so much that God sent his only son and he suffered for the sins of the world. For me, this reminder brings me to tears to pilgrimage through the stations.

Whether you are a regular to Stations of the Cross, someone that hasn’t been to Stations since you had to dialup into the internet, or this the first time you ever heard of the Stations I employ you to take thirty to forty minutes and experience Jesus’ journey with an open mind.

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